Perception Is An Amazing Thing!

Good Morning! -Perception is an amazing thing. How you gather your information and how you perceive certain events in your life will dictate how you run your life. That’s why vision is so important, perceive these events the way you truly want to see them, because there’s always an upside!! Be clear about your vision and feel as if it already happened. If you stay consistent with this you will watch events unfold almost naturally in your life because you are not creating any resistance- See you don’t need to know the HOW only the WHY! Let the universe take care of the rest! So today be a visionary, a pioneer and never think any of your dreams are ridiculous, cause there not! There much closer then you’ll ever know!

8 Responses to “Perception Is An Amazing Thing!”

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  3. We’re all good in character. All of us are inclined to lean on positivity as opposed to to negativity. But what makes us lean alot more on to the unfavorable aspect in some cases? Can it be automated or can it be even honestly a part of us? What would be the boundaries that hold us from increasing? There are lots of aspects that hinder our development and private improvement and sadly, we just do not notice the majority of them..

    • Uloh says:

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