Great Minds Talk about Ideas, Small Minds Talk about People!

Today live out of your imagination, not your history! So often we believe we are our biography. That what has happened in the pass will happy for the rest of our lives. Or is it because your just living out the same pattern?? Einstein said “Knowledge is limited, but imagination encircles the world. Listen to your instincts, believe in your ideas, and always come from the creative place!! If you’re creative enough, resourceful enough, motivated enough, you will find a way! Some people will say, … well it’s just not that easy!! But it is that easy!! you just need to trust yourself! Believe you are here for a greater purpose. Step outside yourself, and become an observer , not judging everything and everybody.I leave you with one more quote Eleanor Roosevelt once said “Great Minds Talk about IDEAS. Average Minds Talk About EVENTS, And small minds talk about people!! Remember you have opportunity to use your Great Mind for good and really leave your mark.Today Make It Count!

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