My writing space

I’ve been back into writing mode, and I gotta say it’s always an interesting process . Whenever I get back into that writing space it always takes some time to really figure out where it will take me. I can’t say I really know what that direction is yet,  because It’s to early in the songwriting process, but I’m finally getting to a place where  I’ve picked my colours and I’m ready to paint.. After doing music  for years – I’m feeling I’m finding my voice more and more. I don’t think it will ever fully reveal itself,  but if it did how would I truly know ?? I’ve gotten to a place where I’m stretching my limits and tapping into different styles, technologies, and influences.. I know a lot of music lovers, know what they like and don’t necessary step outside the line of what music they cherish most!! I don’t have anything against that, but I was brought up listening to all types of music…World Music, POP, Rock, Classical, Fado’s, Rap, Metal etc…. I’m so intrigued about what makes each specific genre so great in there own right, and pulling from those moments of greatness. Have it be a great rhythm, a lyric, a certain percussion and then bringing that into what I do…. Another thing is where I’m at personally in my own life…. Most of the songs I wrote on The Truth, I wrote 4 years ago and so much has happen since , some of which have been publicized . Those Life experiences are what make the good writers great and the great writers infamous! All I know is I have to be true in this whole process and surrender to the notes! I’ll trust the universe will take care of the rest!

Peace and Love


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