What It Takes

Right now, As we speak- I’m watching the Patriots/Ravens AFC Championship game!

These guys take a beating, and they keep on coming back for more! Anything for that extra yard! All I can think about while watching the game is how similar your mindset has to be in the music business, well anything in life for that matter.  It’s a long road and with the pressure that you put on yourself, it can sometimes feel like your getting hit by a 300 pound Defensive end, over and over again, but you can never stop! Anything for that extra yard-

I’ve had a lot of up and coming musicians / artist come to me and the first thing a lot of them will ask is “How can I get a record deal” ? If your thinking this way, your focusing on the wrong things. The first thing you should ask yourself is  ”am I any good”?  What do I need to do to get better? See, it’s such a saturated business so you have to have The Goods if you wanna get  any buzz.

Ask yourself , what am I doing this for?  If you say for the fame and the money, I’d say get out right now! Most of the singers in this country that you look up to are grinding everyday and making ends meat, just for the opportunity to do what we love. Of coarse we want all the bells and whistles and live the high life, but if we make that our main goal everything that we do or produce becomes artificial and people aren’t stupid, they see right through that!

So if you want to do music for a living , be like those pro football players and claw with your fingernails to get that touchdown, take the hits!!!!

It has to be for the love of your craft and you understanding that this is your calling . So get back to the music, speak the truth, wear your heart on your sleeve and play for anybody that’s willing to listen! Give it all you got with no expectation of getting anything in return,   I guarantee you that’s when things will really start rolling for you!

It’s not an easy road, but nothing worthwhile ever was . So make a declaration to yourself that this is a life long journey and your willing to take the shots to make it an reality – Every person who has made it , has done exactly that.

Probably because there’s just no other way!

b melo

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