The Dog Whisper

So,  I just got a DVD set of The Dog Whisper and though I’ve seen Ceasar Millan before, now that I have a dog of my own this guy is bang on! It’s hilarious that absolutely everything is the owners fault,  and that it all comes down to the energy you put out!

Dogs are very intuitive creatures and feed off everything that we do or feel. So although I know you have to put in  a lot of work with the dog to get the results you desire, you also have to put in  lots of work with yourself. As Ceasar says,  Calm, Assertive , Energy!  I’m hooked on this fricken show now and I’m really going to practice what he preaches! It will improve the dogs life and mine! I guess what I’m trying to say is GET A DOG!! LOL Then you’ll know how much patience you really have and how reactive you’ve been!


b melo

b melo

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