Life with Brando!

So……  I got a new pup and his name is “Brando” ! He’s a 10 week old Doberman Pinscher

This little dude is awesome and we’re so glad we got him!  We were thinking about getting a dog  for a few years now, but I didn’t think it would be happening right at this moment! We just moved into a new place a couple of weeks ago and we’re still getting settled in – so getting a dog now wasn’t exactly in the cards.

See, Angie and I went to Costco to look at a couch (p.s. My first time ever in Costco) All I gotta say is what was I doing with my life , that place is awesome! LoL

…Anyways so we’re looking at this couch talking about not getting one that’s too fancy,  because if we get a dog we know he’s gonna beat the shit out of it!  While talking about this, a gentlemen walks by and says,  ”if your looking for a dog my friend has some beautiful doberman pups” This to us was a sign, because that’s the exact breed we were talking about getting for the last couple years.  So we said “let’s just go check the pups out for fun”! lol Yeah right!  - It was love at first sight!  They had three dobermans and to be honest “Brando” was the last guy  we paid attention too,  ’cause the others were jumping all over us so we thought they may be the one.  There was just something cool about how “Melo” Brando was! HEY OH! :) so once I put him in my arms my friggin heart melted and that was it! So now as I’m working in my office from time to time get surprises of poop on my new carpet,  and wake up at 6am to let him do his business! It’s been a bit of an adjustment, but this guy is so worth it! I’ve never met a pup that was so chill and obedient! Besides that poop on the carpet!  :) So the adventures of “Brando” begin!  I’m sure more stories will continue so stay tuned!

It’s weird I kinda feel like Owen Wilson from “Marly and Me” Blogging about my dog. Hopefully with Brando I don’t have to hold him out of a car window as he tries to escape! lol

b melo

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  1. Jeanne says:

    awwww… cant wait to read more abt brando’s adventures…!!!!

  2. Welcome Brando!!!!! Awww, I’m sure Angie and you will be great parents! he he It was meant to be! xx

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