Brian Melo Rocks Toronto Schools

Canadian Idol winner and recording artist, Brian Melo will perform for the students of Toronto Secondary schools During the week of October 11 – Oct 14. Brian has collaborated with Absolute Leadership on a cross Canada school tour to inspire, encourage and engage Canadian youth.Brian Melo became a household name after winning the 5th season Canadian Idol with an overwhelming majority. Brian recorded and released his debut CD, Livin It, featuring top selling singles All I Ever Wanted and Shine. Brian’s 2nd and current CD, The Truth  features the top 40 hit song, Soundproof and the current top 20 anthem, Anywhere But Here.

Anywhere But Here has been called an anthem of freedom and is the catalyst for participating in the tour. “I stood with 30,000 other hopefuls trying out for Idol and a voice in my head was telling me I didn’t belong there, but my heart was saying, why not you. I gave it everything I had and I won. My career is going well and I am in a position to give back.” Brian Melo.

The cross Canada tour is called Live Different and is produced by Absolute Leadership. It is a one hour motivational experience to create a healthier and stronger student body and global community. Brian will both perform his music and address the student body with an inspirational message incorporating his own unique experience.

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For interview with Brian Melo please contact Nik Duncan 289-668-2227

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