Asking The Right Questions

We live in a world where we’re constantly bombarded with new challenges that usually we’re not ready for and come in at  the worst possible time. Or is it the worst time? I’m a big believer that absolutely everything happens for a reason. I think where we  go wrong is reacting to the content that’s put in front of us , and that’s exactly what it is,  content. Nothing more, nothing less. We feel the need to label everything and give it meaning when really most of it is  meaningless! It just is!

Human beans want to make things more complex then they are,  it’s in our nature to do so.. But there’s ways to get yourself out of a slump and start living the life you envisioned possible,   because it is possible.

Start with asking yourself the right questions – Most people ask bad questions there for get bad answers in return. The mind is not bias, if you ask your brain a question it will give you a answer even if it has to make something up!  For example- If you ask yourself why am I so fat? It will tell you because you eat like crap, don’t exercise , you’re lazy and don’t take action.  So just because you asked a shitty question it makes you feel like shit in return. But if you just changed your phrasing you would get the answer you’re looking for. If you asked “What do I need to do to get in shape?  it would say eat well, exercise, take action ect ect….. you see where I’m going with this right?

Trust me I know I don’t have all the answers but I know whenever I’m in a funk this method is the fastest way to get me out of it! It’s time to stop living through your excuses and finally decide to make a change! It’s starts with you and it will end with you! I know if I was still using my old way of thinking I would not be where I am today. The vibration of my thoughts were just way too low- I’m lucky somebody gave me this advice before,  because it got me through a lot of unnecessary hardships!

p.s. One question to ask yourself everyday! “What am I focusing on right at this moment”?


b melo

2 Responses to “Asking The Right Questions”

  1. michele witley says:

    Hey Brian…love this…you are right on…and attitude is a big part of it. How we look at something will determine how we deal with it…I suffer from depression and I do take meds for it however, I find that if I put on some good music–words are important as well as the beat–or if I call someone and talk I can usually bypass the super low….sometimes though I make a decision to feel sorry for myself and to sit and stew about it…

    • brianmelo says:

      Michelle- I think we all have those tendencies from time to time. You just being aware of it, puts you ahead of the pack immediately! We’re just like computers! We are what we download, so keep going on the right track, and when you get in that low state again, interrupt the pattern with something that makes you feel good. I bet in a matter of several minutes you’ll probably even forget why you were upset in the first place!

      b melo

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