Making Memories

I dunno know about you guys, but everywhere I turned this weekend I was hearing the roar of Fireworks, the smell of incredible food coming off peoples BBQ”s,  the sound of music echoing from every street corner! Neighbours laughing with neighbours, seeing friends sitting on there porch with an ice cold one in there hand!  Man does this ever sound like an EPIC Beer commerical or what? lol. hehe

It brought me back to when I was a kid! Every weekend there was something going on. People were active playing sports, or just outside enjoying the sun! It seems that more and more people these days get isolated in their own elements and forget to live, love, laugh! Enjoy the simpler things in life!

But that old vibe came back for me this weekend and I hope it did for all of you too! I guess my point  and what I trying to say is….. LIVE! We only have one life so enjoy it with the people you love,  and appreciate these moments! Let’s not keep looking back to”The Good Old Days” Let’s create new lasting memories everyday!

cheers amigos!

b melo

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