When I’m writing a song!

Sometimes when I’m writing a song,  I find myself searching for something to write about. I always find that if I’m going into a writing session with a subject in mind, it almost never sticks. I was asking myself why,  and realize that there must be something in my subconscious that needs to come out first. It has to be expressed.  I know every songwriter  has different ways in approaching there art. The way I look at it. It’s like a puzzle that’s trying to reveal itself.

The song is out there in the universe, it’s almost so tangible you can see it, touch it, feel it. 9 times out of ten this feeling is achieved when I’m in a relaxed state. Once I start trusting my instincts,  miracles can happen. I love collborating as well, because when your in the zone and your feeding off the right energy it can make you look at something completely different. If it’s a hook, or a cool lyric or riff. The amazing thing about songwriting is anyone of those things can change the whole vibe and idea of the song completely and that’s what makes me so excited about songwriting,  the possibilities are endless. Songs can really become sacred to a lot of songwriters and to some not so much. it’s what they do, they clock and clock out and it sort of becomes a part of there lives.

But the great songs leave this lasting impression because of the source of where it came from. It’s start with a mumble and turns into “All we need is love”. It’s having a little riff and it turing into “Stairway to Heaven” I personally have just started to scratch the surface of my true potential and that excites me. Figuring out new ways to tap into your creativity and doing it,  is a gift! Everyone has different ways on how they express themselves and I’m so glad I have the chance for millions of ears to listen to my expression.

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  1. Kathleen Foster says:

    Excellent article Brian. The things that move me to write are either my feelings about something I have seen- visual- or something that is very visceral to me-memories; causes that mean something to me; pain or joy that I or others near to me have felt.
    I appreciate your blogs. Have a wonderful week.
    I know you have suffered loss.
    This is a little lyric written in memory of my brother Michael. He took his own life in his early forties.
    Missing You
    Torn away without so much as a simple goodbye;
    Every time I hear your name, I turn my head and cry.

    No-one can know the pain I feel when I am all alone.
    Now you’re gone; part of my heart has died and turned to stone…

    I’m missing you,
    Your warm embrace, your smiling face
    Missing you,
    No-one on earth could take your place
    I’m missing you…

    I hope I’ll live to see your loving eyes another day.
    Until that day arrives,I’ll think of you and I will pray…

    Cause I’m missing you,
    Your warm embrace, your smiling face
    Missing you,
    No-one on earth could take your place
    I’m missing you…
    Kathleen Foster,
    Jan 20, 2011

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