The Power is within us

Since I’ve been a child I’ve always had the dream of being a “Rock Star”. Now I’m not even a fan of the term “Rock star anymore.

My goal now is to be the best songwriter/performer I can be , and do it on the biggest stages in the world. My dream is for my music to connect with as many people as possible . I have been extremely blessed and fortunate in my life,  I have experienced things that I never thought was possible for a kid from East Hamilton, Ont.  It’s amazing what can happen when you put your whole heart into something you BELIEVE in! Going for your dreams are never easy, there are road blocks, people telling you your not good enough, challenges everyday. You can find a million reasons and excuses of why you shouldn’t go after your dream. I’m here to tell you that’s all B.S.!! Face every challenge with a grin, turn those so called obstacles into opportunities. The power is really within us. I’m not trying to get preachy or anything, but I know when you are following your PASSION, Your Personal Calling, your doing what you were meant to be doing. Look at the music industry for example. It has gotten harder and harder to make a living doing music, with illegal downloads, and radio formatting becoming one dimensional, and less people coming to shows because ticket prices have gone so high. These are all valid reasons of why venturing in the music business is hard to do, but  they are all STILL EXCUSES!! It’s what you put into it, it’s about getting creative, about staying solution oriented not problem oriented. There is something deep inside of me that will never quit and keeps me going after each goal I  desire. I know I will reach every goal I want bad enough, because I’m the one that creates my reality, no one else. Please if any of you have a deep desire that you have yet to go after. Just Do It!! You won’t have all the answers, but they will be revealed the longer you stay on the journey.

trust your heart!!

b melo

2 Responses to “The Power is within us”

  1. Bruce Hale says:

    Brian, you’re an amazing artist as well as a fine young man.
    You can go anywhere or do anything that you set your mind to.
    I can tell by the great things you’ve done through your charity work
    that your heart is in the right place
    and that you give to others so they can feel the love & compassion you have & are willing to share.

    Take care brother.


  2. Barb pitre says:

    Anyone who ever told you your not good enough. Must be Tone Deaf & A Real A-Hole.You Are Amazing,Fantastic Singer Brian Have Know this since Day one :) )))) <3 <3 you Brian!!! Keep Doing what your doing :) <3

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