RMH/MacMaster visit

Well I’ve just  sat down and turned on my computer, and I can’t help but reminisce on the day I  had. This afternoon myself and my good friend Carm Milioto from the band (LIVE HOW YOU LIVE) made a visit  to MacMaster Hospital where we  performed for the kids in the Ronald MacDonald room.

To say it was inspiring would be an understatement,  these kids show so much bravery, so much courage, such a will to survive and we were absolutely moved by them. We started  performing for the kids and right away we saw more and more young smiles light up the Ronald MacDonald room. There were some children that were just too weak and sick to leave there room to watch us perform, so we went to them.

We went to each hospital room individually ,  and gave them there private little show. It was an amazing feeling!

One child that really impacted us , was this beautiful little girl named Samantha. She had a  smile like an angel and was in her glory when we played our music. Carm and I took more away from today than those kids did.  They taught us a valuable lesson, to be thankful everyday for what we have. It amazes me how upset we can get, espeacially adults, about trivial nonsense! Days like today really put everything in perspective. I’ll be honest, yesterday I was  having one of those “feel sorry for yourself days”, but after the privileged experience that we had today, I feel silly for even thinking I had any troubles in my life that were even worth bothering with. RMH is an amazing charity doing fabulous work, and the staff at Macmaster hospital also works so hard to give the proper care to these kids, and do an outstanding  job!!

Kudos to everyone trying to make a difference!

Let’s build our world not destroy it!

b melo

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  1. susan daly says:

    It was great to hear that you were at the hospital and put smiles on so many sick childrens faces.I know how much they love visits like this and will be talking for days , how Brian Melo came to visit with them and sang to them. I wish more people could see how brave and courageous these sweet angels are. They are an inspiration to all and after leaving all the problems you think you have seem like nothing. I told Avery where you were today and Tricia said a big smile was on his face.He is in the states getting treatment and wishes he was there to see you. Thanks for being such a caring and loving person!!

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