Soundproof Video

Hello Everybody!!

I’m excited to tell you that tomorrow will be the premiere of my new video Soundproof!! :) Which you’ll be able to see on my website and on Youtube!

When I wrote this song, I was speaking from a place of frustration. We’ve all had times in ours lives where you just want to be silent to the world, to be “Soundproof”!  I’ve always been a person that feeds off the energy that is all around us, and with that being said sometimes the wrong energies can seep through the cracks and numb us at moments. This song has an attitude about it that almost anybody can relate to. I didn’t write the song about one particular situation,  I think looking back at it now I was writing about the feeling of being Soundproof!

So when we shot the video, I wanted to make sure that energy was present!

Most of the scenes were shot in my hometown of Hamilton. We shot at the Sheraton Hotel and The  Wild Orchid Restaurant to name a couple.

Hope you guys enjoy this video as much as I did making it!


b melo

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  1. Bruce , Bernadette & Mike says:

    Hi Brian, we bought half of Walmarts supply on day 1 and really like the album. Wish you all the best now and in the future nomatter what happens with our family situation!

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