Stranger than Fiction


      Alright, so I’ve had a lot of fans lately asking me about my one song I have on my audio player “Stranger than fiction” and what the song is about. The song is about how my parents met, and its a pretty amazing story. I thought that I should share this story with you, so you can have a better understanding for the song. :)

In 1966, my father and his family decided to leave there small home in San Miguel, Azores, Portugal and come to Canada for a better life and opportunity. With a couple family members already living in Hamilton, the Hammer seemed like the most obvious choice! Besides my dad leaving some friends and family behind, he also left his first love “Antonia”. Now the only way they could communicate back then was through mail. Antonia and my Father wrote letters to eachother daily and they did so for 2 years, but in the winter of  1968 there was a tragic accident.  Antonia was in the kitchen cooking with one of those old pressure cookers and started to hear this weird whistling sound. As she went to go see what the problem was, the worst happen and the pressure cooker exploded and killed her instantly. :(

My father, was completely devastated by the news and went into a deep depression for the next year and a half. Now across the ocean my mother was still living in San Miguel, and the way she heard the news was a knock on the door from Antonia’s step father all dress in black delivering bread. At that time when you wore black it was always because you were in mourning. He told my mother what happen and also told her how she had a boyfriend who moved away.

My mother’s heart went out to the girl and to my father, and for some reason still unknown today, my mother was convince she would meet the boy who lost his love. She thought and spoke about him daily and it almost became an obsession “I’m gonna meet that boy” “I’m gonna meet that boy” I think part of her wanted him to know that when he was at his lowest, that there was someone out their who was thinking of him and cared. So it was hard for my mom to talk to anyone about this because ‘A” they thought she was crazy. lol and “B” speaking about boys in my mothers home was forbidden. The only person my mother could talk to was her Grandmother and thank god for her!

2 years pass and my mother is still thinking about this boy! My Grandfather went up to my mom and said, “Were moving to Canada” and from all places decided to move to Hamilton, Ont as well. When my mom got to Canada she got a job right away at a local bakery. A  friend of my fathers told him that there was this really cute girl and thought he should meet her. Not even 3 weeks my mother was in Canada, My father walked in the door and they met and went on a couple dates. On the 2nd or 3rd date my father starts to tell my mom about Antonia, and with with tears in her eyes and her legs shaking she realized she found her boy!

So they both lived in the same Island with a population of 100,000 and never met, but 5000 miles across the sea they meet in one of the biggest countries in the world and have been happily married ever since!! :)

5 Responses to “Stranger than Fiction”

  1. Carla says:

    Wow thats an amazing story.. In all the years that I have known you, I never knew how your parents met.. You have an amazing family.. Love you guys lots.. All the best.

  2. WOW, that beats everything I have ever heard, and I have heard a lot of very interesting, and truly inconceivable stories over half a century.

  3. samantha says:

    This story made me cry, its the sweetest ever

  4. Alexis Melo says:

    My mom told me about this story Brian. It’s amazing how they found eachother ! well ttyl love, Alexis :)

  5. Kristine says:

    WOW!! Your Mom & Dad’s story seems too good to be true. It’s amazing and what are the odds of something like this truly happening. It’s 1 in how many millions? Truly was meant to be :-)

    Thanks for sharing

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