The Alchemist

If you have never heard or read this book, I strongly suggest you pick it up!!!!!! The book is written by the amazing author Paulo Coehlo. I’m reading it right now, for the 3rd time, and you can really feel the  spirit of his writing  jump out at you each page you read!

The book is about a boy that is chasing his dream, his (personal calling) and about the omens and signs he sees throughout his journey that keep him going.

Have any of you ever experienced this I know I have and I think that’s why I relate to it so much.

I will tell you a story of how I experienced this first hand.

About two years before my idol experience I was in a band and working construction in the industry and not feeling very fulfilled. During that time period something strange was happening to me. Every time I would look at the clock it would be 9:11.

Now this went on everyday for a couple of years 9:11 9:11  all the time. Now it was starting to freak me out a bit because for obvious reasons I had negative attachments to that number. So I never understood it, until I tried out for Canadian Idol and ended up winning the show on 9:11.

It was then that I knew to watch out for the signs. The power of intention can be a powerful thing and it seems to guide me to my personal calling everyday! Since that day I ve  been more and more aware of the omens and I try my best to follow them. I sense strongly that  I am not the only person that has had and experience like this.

So if you have a similar story please share – I would love to hear it!

b melo

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