My new Tattoo

So, this past weekend was a bit random, but fun!! I decided to go to this great club in Toronto called “Tattoo”, and had an amazing time! :)

I get their and at the club, window front, they have a actual tattoo parlour! Now this started getting my mind going.

I thought man, I’ve really been wanting to get another tattoo,  and if some of you have read my one post titled “The Alchemist” you know that the #11 is very important to me,  and has been a amazing omen when it comes to some of the success I’ve had in my life! So I said “What the hell, now is a better time  than ever” and sat in the chair and got the tattoo right on the spot. lol Its really cool I got #11 in this old english style writing inside my left wrist, and I can probably see myself rubbing it for good luck every time I hit the stage! he

Nonetheless I got the tat and drank and danced my life away to some great rock music! Even though I’m not that big of a drinker, the gloves were off on Saturday! lol

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  1. Joyce says:

    Hey Brian that is awesome.. So glad to see someone like you out enjoying yourself.. I am sure along with myself and others we would like to see photos.. I think you are awesome and you are one of the biggest reasons I have decided to follow my dreams.. Once I get my video of me singing up I will be sure to send u the link, it would be awesome to get your feed back.. Can not wait to hear your next CD..

    Thanks for taking the time of reading this and just being you..

    Joyce Ransom

  2. holly boily says:

    ohh cool
    thats awsome !! post a picture on fb !! plez

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