Hence (The truth)

When I sat down to write the first song for the truth I didn’t know where the sound for the album was going to take me. 70 songs later, I had a better idea ….lol :)

Throughout my life I’ve been influence by so many different styles of music! From Rock to R&B, from Heavy Metal to Classical from Bluegrass to Hip Hop you name it!

To me, music is music and if its coming from the right place, It has the power to move you, to take you to places you’ve only dreamed of you see, That’s what motivates me, The realness of it all.

And really that’s what I was trying to accomplish with this album.

Hence  (The truth)

Every song on this album has its own vibe,  its own story. I really had to dive in to this project, I had to live with the songs to see if  this was how I truly wanted to represent myself musically!

And now my hope is that my music will be embraced and loved by as many people as possible

but love it or not. Its real, its the truth!!

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