Breakthrough w/Anthony Robbins

So, I don’t really watch much TV, But when I found out that Tony Robbins had his own Show coming out called “Breakthrough with Anthony Robbins” I had to watch!!

For those of you that don’t know him, He is an amazing life coach and has changed the lives of millions!!  After I read his book “Awaken the Giant within” I was hooked to his teachings! He really gets down to the science and  why you might not be feeling fulfilled, or how to pass so called barriers in life!

Basically everything is STATE OF MIND!!! and if everything is STATE OF MIND!! Who’s in control of our lives? WE ARE!!

You see the #1 question a person asks  themselves everyday is “What should I focus on?” If you decide to choose a negative thought process thats your choice!!!! So with that said DECISION is ultimate power!! Please I encourage you to get familiar with Anthony’s teachings and you will really see that if you apply all the things he mentions, in his book website audio tapes ect… You can have any life you can dream of. In a lot of ways your the director of your life’s movie, you call the shots! So how do you want your movie to end? :)

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